January 27, 2020

Round Rock is a Special Place: 2020 Board Chair, Scott Swindell

Round Rock truly is a special place. It is a special place to locate and grow a business with a vibrant business community that provides a conducive environment for any success that one might dream of. It is a special place to make a home and raise a family. It is a special place for friends and activities and purposes that fill one’s life. But, Round Rock did not become such a special place by accident.

Round Rock is a city where people work together to encourage one another, to help one another, and to lead one another to accomplish not only their own goals but a greater good for all. That is what Round Rock has been about for many years and it is why we live and work in such a special place. That is also what Round Rock is about now and why we are rightfully excited about our future.

We are so fortunate that our business community and our excellent and responsive city government, along with our award-winning school district, work so well together to keep Round Rock so special. Additionally, we benefit from our communication and good work with our county, state, and federal representatives as well as our neighboring communities.

I believe that at the center of these collaborative efforts is the Round Rock Chamber. The chamber helps all of these pieces work better together while keeping a clear focus on our direction and goals. The chamber has a strong commitment to supporting all types and sizes of businesses that are already here as well as working to bring new complementary businesses to our city that will provide good jobs and increase the tax base thereby reducing the tax burden for all. The chamber’s efforts to strengthen workforce development strategies along with identifying and providing strategic and financial resources for entrepreneurs are paying significant dividends for our community.

It is an exciting time at the Round Rock Chamber. Our new President and CEO, Jason Ball, brings not only infectious enthusiasm but also specific industry knowledge and clear-eyed focus to our organization. He leads a team of outstanding individuals who truly care about and understand the importance of the jobs that they are doing and the impact that they are making on our community. Add to this team a diverse membership and a board of directors made up of business leaders from many sectors who share in the enthusiasm and the task of keeping Round Rock a special place, and it is easy to see that the best is yet to come.

I bought my first business and moved to Round Rock in 1988. I have benefited greatly by the efforts of so many others in creating this special place. I am blessed to have the opportunity to serve as the chair of the chamber board for 2020. I would encourage anyone to become involved with this terrific organization and enjoy the benefit of being part of the wonderful group of people working together to keep Round Rock special.


Scott Swindell

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