October 27, 2023

Round Rock Chamber Board Unanimously Endorses Proposition A to Support Round Rock ISD’s Voter-Approval Tax Rate Election (VATRE)

During the October 26th regular Board meeting, the Round Rock Chamber Board of Directors voted and unanimously approved an endorsement of Proposition A to support the Round Rock Independent School District’s (RRISD) Voter-Approval Tax Rate Election (VATRE).

Proposition A is on the November 7 ballot, and early voting opened earlier this week, on Monday, October 23. Proposition A signifies a critical step towards providing much-needed funding for public education, as well as the opportunity to invest in the dedicated teachers and staff who play a vital role in shaping the future of our community.

The Round Rock Chamber recognizes the significance of Proposition A and its potential to positively impact the quality of education in our community. By voting for Proposition A, Round Rock residents can contribute to:

  • Attract and Retain High-Quality Educators: Teachers and staff are the backbone of our education system, working tirelessly to nurture the next generation of leaders. Voting for Proposition A allows us to reward their dedication by providing much-deserved pay raises, making RRISD an attractive destination for top-tier educators and support staff.
  • Ensuring Quality Public Education: Passing Proposition A will provide RRISD with essential funding required to maintain student-to-teacher classroom ratios and class sizes that continue to enhance the quality of education in our schools.
  • Fulfilling the Promise of a Brighter Future: A strong public education system is not just an investment in our children’s future but also in the future of Round Rock as a whole. Well-funded schools are critical in attracting businesses, fostering economic growth, and creating a thriving community where residents are proud to live and work.

This endorsement underscores the Chamber’s commitment to the advancement of public education and the support of dedicated educators and staff in our community. We believe that a prosperous and thriving community begins with a commitment to quality education, and this initiative is a clear demonstration of our commitment to the students, teachers, and staff of Round Rock ISD.

The Round Rock Chamber urges all residents to vote in favor of Proposition A to ensure a brighter future for our community. Every vote counts, and by supporting this Proposition, we can make a significant impact on the education of our children and the well-being of our educators.

You can find more information on Proposition A here.

Important Election Dates:

  • Early Voting: October 23 – November 3
  • Election Day: Tuesday, November 7

For more information on polling locations and times, please visit here.

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