May 31, 2023

Round Rock Chamber Announces Smarter Reality as First Recipient of Defense Innovation Fund

Round Rock, Tx. (May 31, 2023) – The Round Rock Chamber announced today that Smarter Reality has been named the first recipient of its Defense Innovation Fund (DIF) grant program. The Chamber awarded Smarter Reality, a cutting-edge technology company that builds custom software for commercial and government clients, a $20,000 grant.

The Round Rock Defense Innovation Fund was established to develop a thriving innovation ecosystem that supports high-growth entrepreneurs and start-up businesses within Round Rock’s target industry, aerospace, defense and security. The DIF is designed to drive the growth of defense innovation companies at various levels of revenue and funding stages.

“Round Rock and the Chamber continue to support the growing defense ecosystem,” said Frank Coppersmith, CEO of Smarter Reality. “With the creation of the Round Rock Defense Innovation Fund, the Chamber has taken the lead in attracting innovative dual-use technology companies to Round Rock. We are honored to be the inaugural award under of the grant program and are looking forward to continuing our relationship with the City of Round Rock and the Chamber.”

The Round Rock Defense Innovation Fund grant will provide funding to Smarter Reality to support the development of their software and growth in Round Rock.

“We are thrilled to announce Smarter Reality as the first recipient of our Round Rock’s Defense Innovation Fund,” said Jordan Robinson, Round Rock Chamber President & CEO. “The Chamber is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs and growing the defense industry cluster in Round Rock.”

In effort to advance innovation in Round Rock’s aerospace and defense industry, the Chamber will continue to provide Defense Innovation Fund grants to companies and organizations working on cutting-edge solutions.

Click here to learn more about Round Rock’s defense industry and apply for the Round Rock Defense Innovation Fund.

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