March 10, 2021

Mask Wearing Requirements for Round Rock Businesses 

This past week has been full of news about changing requirements for businesses related to mask requirements. The Round Rock Chamber has issued the following summary to provide businesses some clarity and inform the community about what these changes may mean for them. 

State of Texas

Last week, Governor Greg Abbott issued Executive Order GA34 ending state mandated limitations on business operations and mask use. Beginning Wednesday, March 10, the state of Texas will lift the state’s mask mandate and all businesses can operate at 100% capacity. It is important to note, the Governor’s order does not prevent a business from requiring masks or implementing other safety practices.

Under the Governor’s executive order, businesses can still require employees and/or customers to wear a mask if they choose to do so. The Governor and healthcare officials still strongly encourage mask wearing and social distancing as an essential measure to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

City of Round Rock

It is important for businesses in Round Rock to be aware that the City of Round Rock still has an emergency mask ordinance in place. It was first passed in June 2020 under the city’s home rule charter authority and has since been extended four times.

The city ordinance establishes two requirements for business:

  • A face mask is required for all employees and customers of a business (indoors or outdoors) whenever it is not possible to maintain six feet of distance or more.
  • A public notice is to be posted requiring a mask for employees and customers whenever it is not possible to maintain six feet of distance or more.

These two requirements are the minimum standard that businesses are asked meet under the city ordinance. The ordinance does not prevent a business from requiring additional preventative measures or requiring masks at all times if they choose.

Coronavirus Prevention

The advice of local, state, and national healthcare officials about how to prevent the spread of the coronavirus has not changed. Mask wearing and social distancing are encouraged and have been demonstrated to help slow the spread of the coronavirus.

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