August 28, 2020

Economic Monitor: Employment by Industry

Round Rock Employment by Industry

As part of our dedication to serving as an economic opportunity partner for the community of Round Rock, we have access to and are continuously monitoring various economic trends. The focus on economic data intelligence is an integral part of our mission to attract and retain businesses.

In this Economic Monitor post, we look at our four target industries and show how the employment in each industry has been on a steady increase for the past year. We expect to see the COVID-19 impact in the Q2 and Q3 employment statistics by industry. However, in spite of the global pandemic, Central Texas is weathering the economy better than many other regions of the world.

The following chart shows the number of people employed in Round Rock in four specific industry sectors. The data shown is from first quarter 2019 through first quarter 2020. The industries selected, Professional Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Technology correspond with our top growing industries in Round Rock.







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