September 17, 2023

Industrial Asset Management Council (IAMC) Fall Forum

Danielle Morrissey, Director of Business Attraction, Attends the Industrial Asset Management Council (IAMC) Fall Forum

In pursuit of Round Rock’s continued growth, Danielle Morrissey, Director of Business Attraction at the Round Rock Chamber, attended the Industrial Asset Management Council’s (IAMC) Fall Forum held in Boise, Idaho from September 10 to 13. Her presence at this event underscored the Chamber’s strategic commitment to fostering business attraction and expansion within Round Rock.

The IAMC Fall Forum brought together 450 corporate real estate experts from Fortune 500 firms, services providers and economic development specialists from across the country. This gathering of experts highlighted current and emerging trends as it relates to industrial developments.

Danielle’s active participation in the IAMC Fall Forum demonstrates the Round Rock Chamber’s holistic approach to business attraction. By staying at the forefront of industry knowledge and trends, she ensures that Round Rock remains an attractive destination for businesses looking to expand or relocate. Her interactions and networking during have cultivated meaningful relationships that will benefit the Round Rock business community and facilitate beneficial partnerships.

As she returns from Boise, Danielle Morrissey brings with her a wealth of knowledge, a network of industry contacts, and a renewed sense of purpose. Her experience at the IAMC Fall Forum not only contributes to the Chamber’s overarching business attraction strategy but also reinforces Round Rock’s reputation as a prime destination for industrial growth and development.

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