July 13, 2020

CEO Message: Service to Your Community

In Chamber work, we are habitually looking to the future. It comes with the job. Our team is constantly launching some kind of great proposal or idea to propel Round Rock on to the next chapter in our community advancement. The work is never done, and while it often feels slow, it is always exciting to me.

This week we again look to the future. This is the time we initiate the highly regimented process of nominating and selecting our board of directors.

We are seeking business and community leaders. We are seeking business leaders that can help our community navigate forward in a time of national challenges. We are looking for guidance from the very community we exist to serve.

One of the most important functions our organization does each year is nominate new leadership from the business community to guide the Chamber. As the community institution responsible for leading economic growth in Round Rock, our board sets the strategic direction for the Chamber and our community.

We do have some aspirations for board representation. The Chamber seeks to assemble a group of leaders that well understand the breadth and depth of the challenges that face the business community of central Texas. That means having representatives from a broad group of industries – from a small food service providers to technology based manufacturers and everything in between.

We also aim to include voices that include the broad demographic makeup of our investors. Several years ago our Chamber’s leadership understood that it is important to have board and committee representation that fully reflects that of all of our investors. This year we’ve added optional demographic information to the application to ensure these important considerations are not overlooked.

Most importantly, we are looking for people that love Round Rock as it is now – and – can equally envision a future where it becomes something even better. This takes vision and a willingness to think long term. And it takes patience. But most of all, it takes business leaders who understand their business grows when the community prospers.

Our board is only as strong as the business leaders that choose to dedicate time and attention to it. For years this Chamber and this community have been built by people of vision who set aside the time, and invested their resources, in this important work.

If you are an engaged investor (in the Chamber or the Momentum program for economic development) and you believe in furthering our mission, I want to personally invite you to consider either applying yourself, or recommending a team member that you respect. The application is here and takes less than five minutes to complete.

Thank you.


Jason Ball

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