August 14, 2020

TWC Offers Special Initiative COVID-19 Skill Development Fund Grant

Every single business in the country has in one way or another been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Some have even changed their production to accommodate new needs that have emerged as a result of the pandemic.

For any company that needs to provide training or reskilling to their employees to adjust to COVID-19 related changes to their business model, Texas Workforce Commission has grant funding available to offset the associated training costs.

The Skills Development Fund COVID-19 Special Initiative is a new program from the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) in direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.  TWC will award up to $10 million in grant awards to eligible applicants responding to the training needs of business partners adversely affected by COVID-19, and those employers who are retooling business processes to respond to the need for COVID-19 related necessities.

Grants start at $50,000 and can be up to $250,000, increasing in $50,000 increments. Interested employers will need to work with the local workforce development board, as well as a local community college who will act as the training provider, in order to apply for the funding. The two-page application will need to be submitted by either the local workforce board or training partner. If approved, grand funding will be made available within thirty days.

Businesses seeking more information should visit the TWC Skills Development Fund webpage or email

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