August 15, 2022

Texas Association of Business Discusses Grid Reliability with ERCOT

On Tuesday, August 9, ERCOT Interim CEO Brad Jones met with Texas Association of Business (TAB) CEO Glenn Hamer to discuss record power consumption, grid reliability, transparency, and initiatives to ensure the reliable delivery of electricity to Texas consumers and businesses.

Highlights from the discussion include:

  • So far, in 2022, peak power demand is 7% above 2021 levels
  • 38 all-time peak power demand records have been set during 2022
  • Texas leads the nation with power produced by wind, and is number two in power produced by solar. Though California leads in solar generation, Texas is a close second and is anticipated to surpass California in the near future
  • Conservation Alerts to Texans, such as the July 10, 2022 ERCOT Conservation Alert are working well and eight ‘power events’ have been avoided in 2022
  • ERCOT’s Roadmap to Improving Grid Reliability is updated regularly, and provides an objective, transparent look into progress to meet future power demands in Texas

The 87th Legislature provided ERCOT and the PUC new tools to increase reliability. At over $1 billion in annual investment, Texas leads the nation in annual power grid investment. Read more on TAB’s website.

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