February 08, 2023

Invisible to Undeniable: How Ametrine Found Success in Round Rock

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When discussing the Round Rock-Austin defense industry, one can’t get far without considering the 159,000 area veterans and 3,400 annual military exits from the city’s surrounding military bases like Fort Hood, Joint Base San Antonio and Camp Mabry.  

Another key component to the success of the local defense industry is its proximity and accessibility to clients. The Round Rock-Austin region has been home to Army Futures Command (AFC) since 2018, a U.S. Army defense organization with intent to modernize the government service by 2035. The AFC also has its Resource Operations Center (ROC) on the campus of Dell Inc., where more than 200 employees are able to cross-pollinate ideas with the technology company. 

AFC’s presence has made Round Rock an ambition for many defense contractors like Ametrine, Inc. — an innovative manufacturer of unique, advanced multispectral camouflage systems. In 2021 the company moved its headquarters from Maryland to a 40,000 square-foot facility in Round Rock. Since then, Ametrine has created 140 new jobs in production, engineering management and administration, with high expectations to develop technologies that increase concealment for U.S. service members.  

Far From Invisible in Round Rock 

Composed of a multidisciplinary team of researchers and military veterans, Ametrine is trailblazing innovative nanotechnologies that can mask a user’s position on the battlefield. The company expects to invest almost $8.6 million in new personnel and real property improvements in Round Rock over the next several years based on its consistent acquisition of research and development contracts from the U.S. Department of Defense. 

We compared 13 cities in five states using 12 evaluation criteria and came to the conclusion that Round Rock would be the best fit for the future of our business,” said Brandon cates, Ametrine’s CEO. 

Ametrine leadership has given credit for its relocation choice to the forward-thinking abilities of community leadership teams like the City of Round Rock and the Round Rock Chamber. The Round Rock-Austin region is also one of the fastest growing MSAs in the nation — making it an ideal location for expanding companies like Ametrine Inc. and organizations like AFC to find young, skilled and diverse talent. 

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