May 04, 2021

Small Business Spotlight: Lott Brothers Construction

In honor of Small Business Week, we will be celebrating and highlighting local small businesses and entrepreneurs throughout the week. Today we are highlighting Lott Brothers Construction. They share with us the motivation for the business, hurdles they overcame, and other advice for entrepreneurs just starting out.  

Describe the concept for the business and what motivated its founders to start their own company?  

David and Wayne Lott, the original Lott Brothers, grew up in the construction industry and continued the tradition started by their great grandfather, grandfather, and father. Construction was in their blood along with a strong work ethic, dedication to guiding principles, and core value of “doing things right the first time.” The Lott Brothers continue to serve their clients with the simple commitment of working tirelessly to make every project absolutely right.  

What was one hurdle the company had to overcome to achieve the growth it is experiencing today? 

 Historically, Lott Brothers’ portfolio was comprised predominantly of healthcare projects. Healthcare is one of the most challenging types of construction due to the licensing requirements and the fine attention to detail and quality required to build these facilities correctly. Even with the skills necessary to build hospitals, breaking into new markets, and diversifying their portfolio proved to be exceptionally challenging. However, by making diversification a priority, Lott Brothers has expanded into education, higher education, government, commercial, multifamily, industrial, and warehouse construction and has continued to grow the business. 

To what (or whom) do you attribute to the company’s success? 

Our employees are our greatest resource and the key to our success. But, even more than that, our culture is paramount in guaranteeing our long-term success. Construction knowledge and the “Lott Brothers Way” can be taught to anyone willing to learn, so it is imperative that the individuals we employ fit the company culture we have spent years creating and that we take great care in preserving. An attitude of extreme ownership and striving to be the ideal team player are required of everyone on our team. We must strive to remain hungry, humble, and smart while taking ownership of our decisions and our team. We learn from our mistakes, we put our heart in all we do, and we care about the family that we have created at Lott Brothers. 

Why did Lott Brothers pick Round Rock for their new location? 

The decision to relocate to Round Rock from Austin after 33 years was not one that was made lightly. Round Rock tends to fit the values of our company; supports business, growth, and economic development; and we were able to find an amazing location with the discovery of a wonderful partner with whom we have forged a great relationship – Scott Bialek of Hurst Lending and Insurance. All of these things together made the opportunity to move to Round Rock one we couldn’t pass up. We’re excited to plant roots in Round Rock and hope to be in our new building by the end of 2021. 

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