May 05, 2022

Small Business Spotlight: Don Quick & Associates

In honor of Small Business Week, we will be celebrating and highlighting local small businesses and entrepreneurs throughout the week. Today we are highlighting Don Quick & Associates.

Darren, the President of Don Quick & Associates, shares with us the motivation for his business, hurdles he overcame, and other advice for entrepreneurs just starting out.

Describe the concept for your business and what motivated your idea.

Don and Jeanie Quick, my parents began the commercial real estate company in 1970. I give full credit to the two of them for founding the commercial real estate brokerage and then later the commercial property management company.  2021 was by far our best year ever as we continue to grow to new heights servicing the Central Texas area with the help of our community and leaders. We are full service commercial real estate and our sister property commercial management company is closing in on 2 million square feet here in Central Texas.

What was one hurdle you had to overcome?

Personally, I am very ADD and back in my days of school it was torture sitting through subjects when my mind was racing a mile a minute. Running the companies has sometimes been a hurdle and yet mostly a blessing. My ability to multi-task many different business dealings as well as real estate transactions has kept me on my toes. There IS rarely a dull moment in my profession.

What do you attribute to your success?

A strong work ethic that began when I was young. My parents lived through the real estate crash of the 80’s and I was mowing lawns every weekend contributing to the meager family income. My wife, Colleen, is the best part of me as she balances me out with her sage business advice and heading up the company human resources. With Brent Campbell assisting in running day-to-day operations, we have formed an awesome team of agents and staff that have worked together for many years. With low turnover, we have built a culture that ultimately serves our clients with integrity, longevity, consistency, and dependability.

What would be one piece of advice to someone just starting out?

So many thoughts here. Perseverance. Attention to details. Follow through and go the extra steps. Expose yourself to different types of books and ideas. Travel other cultures and understand people’s backgrounds. Don’t stay on the sideline, get involved. Learn personalities so when they act contrary to how we think they should, we understand it’s not about us but their actions are part of their personality and how they tick.

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