November 09, 2020

Shopping Season is Here

As Thanksgiving approaches each year, I take a moment to remind our community how important it is to support your small and local retail and restaurant establishments.

For many, November and December annually are the “harvest season” for their business. In the same way that tax accountants derive most of their income from annual tax filings between February, March, and April; and farmers bring in the annual crop in the late summer; so too do local retailers often rely on an increase in activity for the holiday shopping season.

Like everything else in 2020, this year will be different. All of us know the shopping experience has changed forever since the advent of online shopping and delivery. This year we will experience the added pressures of limited ability to accommodate large groups of shoppers due to social distancing needs.

This is my simple request for 2020: spend some money locally. Please consider making a purchase from one of the brick-and-mortar retailers in the area (remember, you can often purchase from them online and arrange for safe pickup). Buy customized sweets from the many confectionary providers in Round Rock. Pick up a growler of beer from one of the excellent small breweries in our area. Consider getting a holiday meal for a family gathering from a community restaurant – because prepared food is easy and cuts down on dishes. For that impossible person to please on your shopping list – buy them a gift card. Every bar, restaurant, coffee shop, ice creamery, and retailer in our area offers some kind of gift card. If you need to seek some ideas for where to shop, please go to our online business directory and search for ideas.

When you do this, you are casting a vote. I know everyone is exhausted with the election, but remember, when you buy a product or service locally, you are voting to keep that business in Round Rock. You are voting to see more establishments like them locate here, knowing they have an opportunity to grow and succeed. You are voting for that business to keep and hire more team members and pay them competitively.

One final request. If this message has encouraged you to make a purchase locally, when you make that transaction … tell that establishment the chamber sent you.



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