February 23, 2017

Round Rock Chamber Endorses RRISD Bond Package

Three propositions totaling $572.1 million support growing community

ROUND ROCK, Texas – The Round Rock Chamber today announced that its board of directors voted to endorse the 2017 bond package for Round Rock Independent School District (RRISD). RRISD has called for a May 6 election for three propositions totaling $572.1 million.

The three propositions are defined by key impact areas.

Proposition 1: ”Growth, Renewal, and Safety” totals $381.7 million and is designed to meet the most current needs of the district including a new high school and a new elementary school.

Proposition 2: “Innovation and Growth” totals $133.6 million and is aimed at expanding schools to avoid overcrowding and additional strategic educational needs such as a career tech high school and design work for early college and health professions high school facilities.

Proposition 3: “Fine Arts and Athletics” totals $56.8 million and includes an indoor aquatic center and future land purchases.

“The RRISD bond package is a comprehensively bold step that addresses the district’s continued student growth and achievement while closely aligning with its distinct strategic plan,” said Mike Odom, the chamber’s president and CEO.  “While the entire package includes critical elements, we are especially excited about the proposed career tech high school, which we foresee as having a transformative impact on our long-term workforce development goals. We applaud the board of trustees on their visionary leadership in putting this bond package forward.”

The necessity of the bond at this point in time is a result of the tremendous population growth in the area. RRISD expects enrollment to increase by approximately seven percent in the next ten years bringing the total student population to 51,869 in 2027. The chamber noted that even with the expansive components of the bond package, the monthly tax impact is minimal at only $2.23 per month based on a median home value of $290,000.

For more information about the RRISD bond package, visit their website here.

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