July 24, 2020

Round Rock Chamber Announces Agreement with Investex II LLC

125,000 square foot cold storage, manufacturing, and CPG incubator to add sixty jobs

Round Rock, Texas – The Round Rock Chamber announced today that Investex II LLC is constructing a cold storage and manufacturing facility containing 125,000 square feet and plans to create sixty new jobs over the next five years with an average salary of $60,000. The ten-acre site in the Austin-Round Rock area will house nearly 20,000 pallet positions and host an incubation space to encourage and promote growth and success of local new Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry businesses. The cold storage facility will be operated by Triple Temp Cold Storage LLC.

“We are thrilled to announce that the CPG cold storage and incubator concept will be first to market in the Austin-Round Rock area,” said Michael Renna, CEO of Investex. “The company is immediately available to take advantage of both leasing opportunities in support of a variety of market-driven cold storage, e-commerce, and new business demands.”

Chosen companies will work with Investex to learn from leading experts on how to be a profitable and successful company without giving up their ownership to outside investors. They will receive guidance on research, development, procurement, marketing, finance, food sanitation, safety, equipment operation, and networking from leading experts in the CPG industry.

“We could not be more excited for this announcement. Not only is Investex making an investment in Round Rock’s growing logistics sector, they are dedicating a substantial amount of space for innovation and growth within the CPG industry,” said Jason Ball, the chamber’s president and CEO. “This is an immediate benefit to Round Rock with future long-term opportunities to follow.”

The Investex incubator will be slightly different from other incubators in that it will work with start-ups that already have a compelling product and are looking to turn it into a viable business. There will be a common working space, which brings food producers, entrepreneurs, investors, and chefs together to collaborate.

The incubator’s founder, Michael Angelo Renna, has been in the CPG frozen food category for more than thirty-five years. He is the founder of Michael Angelo’s Gourmet Foods and a contributing founder of SKU Austin and Naturally Austin. Through his vast network, the CPG Super Incubator will offer the selected companies invaluable access to industry experts. The companies will be tenants of Investex II LLC and will provide their own equipment, production line, and team.

The proposed new facility will be located at 16400 Bratton Lane, Austin, Texas, which is within the Round Rock city limits.

About Investex II LLC
Investex II LLC is a privately held real estate development firm. The company’s focus is on developing land and asset management of cold storage and food related facilities.

About the Round Rock Chamber
The Round Rock Chamber is the economic generator for its thriving community. The chamber initiates programs that create a dynamic business climate and improved quality of life through innovative community partnerships and invested business leaders. For more information visit, roundrockchamber.org and engage with us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook.

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