January 26, 2020

President and CEO Message

Dear Chamber Investors and Community Leaders,

This is a big week for the Chamber because we are hosting our Annual Awards Banquet this Wednesday. While many business organizations will bring in outside speakers or entertainment, we are very proud that this event has a long tradition of focusing on just two things: Chamber investors and the community of Round Rock.

We are so excited to be giving well-deserved, and well-earned, recognition to small and large businesses, leaders in community philanthropy, and the efforts of those who took time away from career and family to make this city better. It will also be a celebration of the collaborative values that Round Rock has demonstrated for decades – building #TomorrowTogether.

#TomorrowTogether is not only the theme for the event, but the work this Chamber will be dedicated to with our partners in 2020. It’s not just the business community or the City of Round Rock or the Greater Round Rock Community Foundation who makes Round Rock a vibrant city to live, work, and play. It takes all of us, working together to build an ever-improving future for all of our residents.

Wednesday is going to be particularly fun. At the Round Rock Chamber it’s easy to love our work, so our team is always having fun, even when we are grinding away on big projects that take great effort. Our staff at the Chamber are lucky that we can naturally find joy in what we do.

That’s why Tuesday, January 28th caught our eye. According to those that assign special events to the calendar, this Tuesday is National Fun at Work Day. The folks at the National Day Calendar have assigned Tuesday for some extra shenanigans with your co-workers. In our modern era of work, we spend more waking time with our professional colleagues then at home.

We at the Chamber invite you to join us in some workplace fun on Tuesday. Have a great week!

Best regards,



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