April 18, 2020

Now is the Time to Proceed with Caution and Turn our Attention to Next Steps

By: Jason Ball, President and CEO, Round Rock Chamber

I would like to start this message with a spoiler-alert. Today I’m writing to ask you to spend ten minutes or less taking this survey.

Last week policy makers at the national and state level began the conversation about how to bring the U.S. economy back from the largest economic slowdown experienced since the great depression. COVID-19 remains a persistent threat in our nation and in central Texas. It is a testament to the social distancing efforts that the healthcare systems of Texas appear to have not been overwhelmed by the number of cases, outstripping available supplies as has happened in other areas of the country. Those same efforts have also irrevocably altered the lives of many, with lasting affects assured for all.

So now it is time to “proceed with caution” and turn our attention to next steps. By all accounts the re-ignition of the economy will necessarily begin somewhat slowly in phases. The challenge for policy makers is one of balance. Our nation is attempting to strike the right balance between continued mitigation to minimize health risks versus restarting the economy to minimize lasting economic damage. If we ease back on social distancing too soon or too quickly, we risk an unnecessary outbreak of coronavirus that may overwhelm our health systems. If we continue with this degree of social distancing longer it will almost certainly be coupled with more economic pain.

Finding that balance will rightly be coordinated by leaders in healthcare and epidemiology. However, any conversation about loosening restrictions on business absolutely must be led by business leaders themselves. Nobody is more acutely aware of the unique and varied needs that diverse industries will have than the owners and managers of businesses themselves. Business leaders, by their nature, use information about the present and insight about the future to solve problems.

That spirit of problem solving is why your input is needed so critically right now. Please click here to take the survey.

On Friday, the largest consortium of governments, business assistance organizations, and economic development leaders in Williamson County launched a new kind of business needs survey. It is forward looking, and they hope to uncover potentially hidden or difficult to anticipate needs your business may have as you consider re-opening, or just getting back to something a little more like normal.

We are proud to be supporting this effort. Please, take ten minutes (it really should be that brief) to share your perspective. You are not required to divulge your name, business name, or other identifiers.

This information will be used to inform your local, county, and potentially state responses to the unique challenges we have. We have one opportunity to create our plan to proceed with caution. And out of caution, we need your help to get it right.

Thank you for your help!

Jason Ball
President and CEO
Round Rock Chamber


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