October 31, 2022

New Teacher Appreciation Month at Round Rock ISD

Round Rock ISD is honoring new-to-the-profession teachers throughout the month of November.

Public education has experienced significant changes in the last three years including a large number of resignations and fewer educators in the workforce.

Round Rock ISD’s Early Career Teacher Support Team supports the growth, retention, and success of new-to-profession teachers.

Round Rock ISD hopes to improve morale, assist with the cost of living expenses, and celebrate the impact new teachers are making in Round Rock ISD. One way Round Rock ISD does this is by honoring their new-to-profession teachers throughout the month of November.

There are five ways in which you could join Round Rock ISD in this opportunity:

  1. Treat a week (provide 410 of one item or a mixture of items totaling 410 that we could send to each early career teacher)
  2. Raffle items (as many items or gift cards as you would like to put into our raffle.  Each early career teacher will have the opportunity to put their name in the hat for 5 items)
  3. Something for 400+ Early Career Teachers such as a discount coupon or free item coupon
  4. Five gift cards for our Learning Community Gift Card Baskets (Each gift card valued at $20 or more)
  5. Sponsor for in-person event (we’ll reach out later with more information if you are interested in this option)

To donate, please email Keli Soliz or Edie Binns.

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