May 02, 2024

National Site Selectors Conference

Jordan Robinson, Round Rock Chamber CEO & President, Attends National Site Selectors Conference

In April, Jordan Robinson, President and CEO of the Round Rock Chamber, attended the Site Selectors Guild Annual Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. The conference brings together 500 economic development professionals and 60 site selection consultants. This premier event, hosted by the Guild, provided a platform for economic developers and site selectors to network, forge new connections and engage in insightful discussions.

The conference, a marquee event for Guild members worldwide, facilitated knowledge sharing and networking opportunities among economic developers and site selectors from around the world. The conference included interactive sessions and discussions on industry challenges from thought leaders.

The Site Selectors Guild Annual Conference serves as a catalyst for innovation and collaboration within the economic development community, highlighting the importance of collective expertise and partnership in driving economic growth and prosperity.

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