July 07, 2023

July Ambassador Spotlight

The Round Rock Chamber Ambassador program serves as a welcoming committee by offering the hand of friendship to chamber investors. They help promote the chamber and welcome new investors. This month’s Ambassador Spotlight is Don Sesler. Don grew up in Richardson, Texas just north of Dallas. His first career was at Texas Instruments, where he served as a Member of The Technical Staff for 17 years before saying farewell to the corporate world and starting his own business. Don holds an M.S. in Physics from UT Dallas and an M.B.A. from the University of Dallas.

Don has been an Ambassador at the Round Rock Chamber since January 2023. “A good friend told me that, if I wanted to meet a bunch of smart and motivated people in the Round Rock business community quickly, I should apply to become a Chamber Ambassador” Don says, “I’m so glad that I took her advice. Being an Ambassador has allowed me to meet some wonderful business owners and leaders.”

Don is the owner of Sageplan Technology Consulting, where he and his team spend most of their time helping local businesses keep their computers, network, and software secure and running smoothly. They are happy to help with simple issues like a broken computer but can also serve as the entire IT department for a company. Sageplan also has expertise in GPS Tracking technology and has helped hundreds of businesses improve the productivity of their field staff by adding an electronic layer of supervision to the team.

Don is also a member of the Project Management Institute of Austin, where he serves as the Construction Outreach Chair. When he’s not at the office, you can sometimes find Don riding his bike or out on Lake Travis on his sailboat. When it’s too hot to do either of those things, he also enjoys the occasional video game and torturing his neighbors with his never-improving guitar skills.

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