July 20, 2020

How Small Businesses Can Adapt to COVID-19 Regulations

A glance inside a Round Rock restaurant and how they have managed to adapt and overcome COVID-19.

The restaurant and bar industry has been hit hard for the last four months with reduced occupancy, staffing shortfalls, and broad government regulations. For as many “unknowns” that lay ahead; Edward Youmans, a Round Rock entrepreneur, believes there are as many “knowns” that small businesses should embrace and double down on.

Customers still expect high-quality products, great customer service, and to feel their health is of the utmost importance to the businesses they choose to support. Locally-owned mom and pop businesses are much more agile and able to quickly adapt their business models versus being a franchise or chain. In general, people want to shop local and support their communities small businesses.

Every situation is different; however, each proprietor must consider the total cost of voluntarily suspending operations rather than simply looking at a monthly loss without considering the market share they are forfeiting plus the struggle it will be to get staff to return to work if they are fortunate enough to re-open. If your business is not open your customers will find somewhere else to spend their money and may like and/or appreciate your competitors more; that is a lost customer.

For example, there is simply no way a traditional restaurant or bar can be profitable at 25% occupancy unless they streamline their menus and implement online ordering with curbside and delivery options. UberEats, Grubhub, Doordash, etc. charge restaurants ~30% to deliver their food.  Hiring in-house delivery drivers can provide this service for a fraction of that cost.

Edward Youmans went into this pandemic believing “If you are not required to cease operations…do not close. You maybe exhausted, frustrated, and not know what to do…just don’t create an opportunity for your customers to shop elsewhere…they may never return.”

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