February 14, 2022

CEO Message: Early Voting Opens Today

Today marks the first day of early voting for the March 2022 primary elections – an election that will influence key leadership positions, including our Texas Governor, both statewide and locally. The outcomes of this election, as with all elections, will have strong implications on decisions made that will impact the future of our state and community, so it is more important than ever to encourage strong voter turnout. Here are a few key dates and details to know before heading to the polls:

  • February 14: First day of early voting
  • February 18: Last day to apply for ballot by mail (received, not postmarked)
  • February 25: Last day of early voting
  • March 1: Primary election day; last day to receive ballot by mail

For this primary election, note that voters can vote in the Republican or Democratic primary, but not both. In addition, Williamson County residents may vote at any polling location available for the March 2022 primary elections. To find polling locations and view the sample ballot, please visit www.wilco.org/elections.

As a reminder, the Round Rock Chamber does NOT endorse candidates, nor do we give campaign contributions to candidates, and we are non-partisan. We hold true to this policy strongly, because we feel it is one of our most important missions to work with elected officials and other government staff at all levels to help create better outcomes for businesses, communities, and families.

Let’s all work together to exercise our civic duty and get out to vote!

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