June 29, 2020

Best Business Practices to Slow the Spread of COVID-19

Many businesses in Round Rock have been very proactive in helping to slow the spread of COVID-19 since businesses began to reopen. By implementing stringent procedures, even though not required by law, they have set a best practice for us all.

Chamber investor, Breeze Salon and Spa which has locations in Round Rock, Georgetown, and Cedar Park, reopened to the public in early May, and since that time has implemented practices to protect their employees and customers from the spread of COVID-19.

According to owner Breanna Herriott, Breeze Salon is dedicated to providing a clean and safe environment for their employees and customers. “We are doing everything we can including, temperature checks, sanitizing before and after each customer with hospital grade sanitizers, installing air filtration systems in all of our A/C units that kills 99% of bacteria, mold, and viruses, and requiring everyone to wear masks.”

They not only follow suggestions from the Governor but from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations and although the actions they have implemented have not been mandatory, they have been recommended.

To communication with their clients, Breeze sends emails, posts frequently on social media, and tells their guests at the time of booking and during confirmation calls the procedures in place.

“We have had several clients that did not want to wear a mask and cancel their appointments, but we have also had many more appreciate how safe we are being and have told their friends and have gained a lot of new clients for this reason. Although it is uncomfortable for everyone, a client only has to wear one for a couple of hours at most, the employees have to wear them up to eight hours a day. They are willing to do this to keep themselves and their loved ones safe while doing what they love,” said Breanna.

Breanna’s goal as a business owner of multiple locations is to do whatever it takes to keep everyone safe and feeling comfortable to visit any of her locations, and to continue team creativity, and making our clients feel and look their best.

Another chamber investor, Torchy’s Tacos has recommended wearing masks from the beginning of the reopening process. According to Damion Newcomb, Market Partner ATX2, “The safety of our guests and team members remains our top priority. At Torchy’s, we continue to observe CDC guidance as well as local mandates regarding cloth face mask use for our team members, and we encourage our guests to observe this guidance as well.”

We know that masks and social distancing work to slow the spread of the coronavirus. The track record of other cities demonstrates that coronavirus spread can be mitigated, and businesses can remain open, where masks and social distancing have been widely accepted. We have every reason to expect a similar effort here would be successful also and encourage all businesses in Round Rock to follow these best practices.

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