July 12, 2021

Ambassador Spotlight: Sunil Chitre

The Round Rock Chamber Ambassador Program provides an opportunity for motivated, enthusiastic, and articulate business people to represent the chamber at functions and events across the community. This month’s Ambassador spotlight is on Sunil Chitre.

Round Rock Chamber Ambassadors are on the front line of local business activity. In their public relations role for the Chamber, they welcome new businesses, celebrate new businesses at their ribbon cutting ceremonies, and monitor the pulse of business in the community.

Sunil Chitre grew up in the suburbs of Washington, DC. before crossing the continent to California for both undergraduate and graduate studies. He returned East to Vermont when an opportunity at IBM presented itself within driving distance of family. IBM moved him to Austin in 2006, and in 2009 he came to Round Rock when it was finally time to buy the first house.

As a Board Member for HIREDTexas Job Club, Sunil heard countless people lament about job package value in downtown Austin versus suburban Central Texas, and a lightbulb went off. It was here that Sunil first became involved with the Chamber, a commitment that now includes being an Ambassador and participating in all four advisory councils.

Conversations with political and economic development leaders and big business developers helped formulate the value of his next big venture as he learned more about commerce and activities in communities outside the one-hour commute zone. He considers it a great legacy to fulfill the talent needs of companies in downtown Austin with the varied and extensive experience outside the zone.

This led to the formation of his company, Blue Sun Development LLC, in late 2019 to develop large scale Class-A office space in Williamson County and, ultimately, other areas around Austin. COVID-19 was an interesting monkey wrench in those plans, and he remains committed to the value of the idea.

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