June 07, 2024

ACC Free Tuition Initiative

This year, Austin Community College (ACC) has taken a monumental step in increasing education opportunities for local students with its ACC Free Tuition pilot program. The program will start with the high school class of 2024 and will continue over the next five years for eligible students. Below are the students who are eligible for this program:

  • All 2024 high school seniors who graduate from a high school (public or private) in the ACC service area.
  • All 2024 homeschool graduates who live in the ACC service area.
  • All GED® completers who live in the ACC service area and earned a GED® on or after July 1, 2023.

Out-of-district students will be responsible for the out-of-district fee of $201 per credit hour. The program does not cover non-residents/international students and does not cover any course/program specific fees or textbooks. It also does not cover continuing education programs. However, ACC’s commitment to free tuition reflects a dedication to equity and opportunity, paving the way for a brighter future for students and our community alike.

The ACC Free Tuition Pilot Program is a “first dollar” program designed to serve the most students possible. In a first dollar plan, students can add financial aid to their award, such as Pell Grants, scholarships, and student loans. This means low-income students can stack aid on top of their free tuition, allowing them to use additional money for housing, transportation, groceries, books, and other life costs.

Students and community members who are interested in learning more, applying, and verifying if they qualify should visit the following website for more information linked here.

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