The Coolest Suburbs in America 2019

By: Jessica Prois / Apartment Therapy


When we started working on our list of the coolest suburbs in America for 2019, our team got two consistent questions: What’s a suburb? And what’s “cool”? Now that the list has officially launched, we’re breaking down exactly how we approached identifying these 24 burbs.

Our methodology:

First things first, we got out a trusty map. We considered suburbs within the Census-designated parameters of a metro area, looking at populations around 20,000 to 100,000. However, some of our burb picks break this mold with populations as large as 400,000—in the case of our “inner-suburb” choices, like Arlington, Texas. And some are admittedly contentious picks, like “commuter suburb” Hoboken, New Jersey. (Don’t worry, we further break down our rationales for you in our individual suburb guides.)

We shortlisted suburbs after considering several factors, including cost of living, household income, demographic diversity, and more. We then did qualitative research on the cultural scenes in the suburbs of the top 35 metro areas nationwide. Next, we asked our Apartment Therapy editors, writers, freelancers, sources, contributor network, and Home Team Panel to help us choose 19. Given their recommendations, we interviewed locals, did more research, discussed, and voted. For our “Class of 2019 Superlative” categories, we also reached out to partners like Google and Etsy for custom numbers that would tell unique data stories about top-ranking suburbs in “cool” categories like “Most Searched” and “Best for Crafters.”

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