Round Rock Named Best Minor League Baseball Town

By: SmartAsset

While Major League Baseball is what you are most likely to see on television, baseball fans in cities across the country flock to the ballpark to watch the stars of tomorrow hone their craft in Minor League Baseball. These games are less expensive and less crowded than the average Major League game, so they are more accessible to the average family. With that in mind, SmartAsset analyzed the data for the sixth consecutive year to find the best minor league baseball towns in America.

To find the best towns for minor league baseball, SmartAsset analyzed nine different factors. We used those metrics to come up with two scores – one related to the game-day experience and the other related to the quality of life in the city. We used these two scores to create our final rankings. For details on data sources and how we put it all together, check out the Data and Methodology section below.

  • A new champion. Nashville had been the top city in this study for two years running, but this year, Music City isn’t even in the top 25. Round Rock, Texas, last year’s No. 2 city, ascended to the top of the rankings this year.
  • Texas hits it out of the park. Five of the top 10 cities in this ranking come from the Lone Star State.

Topping our list is Round Rock, Texas, home of the Express, a Triple-A affiliate of the Houston Astros. Round Rock does fairly well in both game-day and quality of life metrics. It has the 11th-highest attendance, an average of 7,849 fans per game. It also has a decent record, winning 60% of games this year. The median income after housing costs is $60,455, the ninth-highest of all 157 cities we considered in this study, which hopefully means some extra cash for fans to spend on a ball game or two.