IT Company Moves to Round Rock

by: Christine Bolaños / Round Rock Leader

An Oregon-based information technology company is moving its headquarters to Round Rock after operating an office here for about two years.

“There is a huge need here. Austin is inundated with IT companies and Round Rock and the smaller cities that surround Round Rock kind of get left out. That’s why we chose to stay here. We are headquartering in Round Rock,” said Crossroads Technology Group President William Hegmann. “Our service area is Austin and the surrounding area. We’ll eventually expand out to Dallas, Houston and probably San Antonio.”

The Round Rock Chamber of Commerce ambassador-to-be began his career in the IT industry at Dell in Round Rock. He started in 2001 and worked his way from account executive to managing corporate accounts for 10 years. He earned experience as account executive for large companies such as Wal-Mart and Blue Bell.

Some of his customers went on to become his clients at CTG.

“Those are some of our accounts now,” he said.

Hegmann’s business partner is a former Dell customer. “I transitioned here with an old customer and friend from Dell in 2013. We’re a premiere Dell partner so we work side-by-side on procurement for clients all over the U.S. and here in Austin and Round Rock,” he said.

CTG has five employees serving the Austin area, and if the projects are large enough, other major cities in Texas.

What has set CTG apart from the competition is its focus on developing and maintaining solid business relationships, company officials believe.

“We really pride ourselves on relationships we have with our customers. You can’t run a business without making money but our main goal is truly to help grow the city of Round Rock and really establish these relationships with our customers to let them know they’re always going to have the best IT company backing them and taking care of their needs,” said James Carlson, CTG director of operations.

The company also specializes in all-things CTG, Hegmann said.

“Most companies will either do hardware or software, or onsite services hourly or managed services, where we take over as your IT department. Most companies don’t do more than one. We do all three,” Hegmann said. “If you have a project working and you need us to install your servers and configure it from the ground up, we don’t have to send you over to company X to get your hardware and company B to get the contractors and come back to company C, which is us. It’s all in-house.”

According to the company’s website, www.crosstg.com, CTG is a complete IT solutions provider offering managed services, private cloud, installation, back-up and disaster recovery, in addition to document management solutions.

“We started off as a hardware and software [company] but now we’ve transitioned into managed IT services, on-site IT services, 24-hour support for customers, data center projects – anything you need IT,” Hegmann said. “We have a field services IT director and we will have a couple of hourly employees here in the next few months as we ramp up in the next four to five months.”

CTG works “hand in hand” with manufacturers like Dell, Hewlett Packard, Lenovo and IBM to provide hardware at prices clients can afford, the website reports.

“Our catalog features over 800,000 different hardware products, ranging from high-level storage units and servers to desktops and notebooks and even gaming systems, at all the guaranteed lowest price available,” the website said.

Hegmann said each CTG client is assigned a support team to determine solutions that best meet needs, while providing ongoing technical support as needed.

The CTG heads said it’s about earning trust.

“We want them to trust us as much as we trust them,” added Carlson, who is also a Round Rock Chamber member.

In addition, the staff has 26 years of IT experience combined, they said.

“I also joined the Texas Premier Network Group of local business owners. We all get together once a week to share ideas, best practices, community awareness, referrals and things like that,” Hegmann said.

Crossroads Technology Group is located at 2251 Double Creek Drive, Unit 202, in Round Rock. Call 512-354-4665 or visit www.crosstg.com for more information.