Effort Underway to Encourage Round Rock Apprenticeship Opportunities

By: Community Impact Newspaper

Employment opportunities for skilled labor positions requiring apprenticeships are expected to increase over the next decade.

In an effort to enhance the Round Rock workforce, the Round Rock Chamber conducted research that produced a series of recommendations to improve apprenticeships.

Although the city is experiencing record unemployment levels, the chamber identified a shortage in skilled trade professionals.

Amy Mizcles, vice president of community enhancement for the chamber, said as the Round Rock Chamber has looked to address what it identified as a critical shortage in skilled trade professionals, it is working on creating a talent pipeline.

“One of the things we had not yet looked at were apprenticeships,” Mizcles said. “Over the last year, we researched what is happening in our local area but also what is happening across the nation with apprenticeships.”

The chamber released its report titled “Apprenticeships: A Gateway to a Robust Regional Workforce” in December, which presents three recommendations: develop a regional apprenticeship coalition, develop a series of registered apprenticeships and develop a series of nonregistered apprenticeships.

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