BRE Survey

Economic Development / Retention and Expansion / BRE Survey

The business retention and expansion survey is a tool utilized by the BRE program to facilitate a variety of functions, including:

  • Create an open dialogue between businesses and local, state, and federal governments;
  • Develop a clearer picture of the number and types of businesses operating in Round Rock;
  • Identifying local business workforce needs;
  • Identify companies that qualify for certain business incentives and assistance programs; and
  • Anticipate and recognize any challenges that are threatening local businesses.

The complete survey is conducted during an in-person meeting to insure a full and clear understanding of the business’ operations and needs.  This also provides businesses with the opportunity to engage and learn more about what is going on in the community and the overall direction of the city.

This brief survey assists the chamber in our economic development efforts. Your input is valuable to us as we develop initiatives related to business expansion and retention. The information collected during these surveys is used solely for economic development purposes.

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