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Texas Internship Challenge
A Texas Tri-Agency Initiative


The Texas Internship Challenge is a program from the Texas Workforce Commission, Texas Education Agency, and Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, as part of the Tri-Agency Initiative, challenging industry and employer partners to offer more paid internships for Texas high school, college, and graduate school students. The Texas Internship Challenge addresses a workforce need which we hear frequently from employers: students need to acquire workplace readiness skills to be more competitive for the full-time job search.

Internships provide students the opportunity to explore in-demand occupations, gain professional experience, and make connections with professionals which can lead to a reference or a job. Internships provide employers the opportunity to explore talent, benefit from different and developing skill sets, train candidates for full-time positions, and, by searching for candidates statewide, diversify their talent pool. Launched in 2017, TXInternshipChallenge.com is designed to meet accessibility guidelines, offers veterans’ preference hiring, and supports technical as well as non-technical positions.

Getting Started

Visit TXInternshipChallenge.com to create a profile and/or list available internship opportunities. The tool is free and easy to use. Once registered, employers and students can find one another and communicate directly about internship opportunities.

Click here to access student interview tips, a quick start guide, and employer on-boarding tips and internship posting templates.

The Round Rock Chamber Supports the Texas Internship Challenge

Per the chamber’s Workforce Realization Occurring Cooperatively (WROC) comprehensive workforce development strategy for Round Rock, the chamber is committed to embracing and enhancing avenues that provide employers with a large and qualified workforce.  In addition to working with community leaders to create a local early college high school, developing and launching accelerated certification and apprenticeship programs, the chamber wholeheartedly supports the development of and availability of more internships in the local community.

Creating internships for today’s youth will help to shape and prepare the workforce of tomorrow. Through internships, employers are able to introduce students to industries that students may not have previously considered. It is also an opportunity for employers to assess and also ensure that intern(s) have the necessary skills and knowledge required of their respective employees. On the job experience (“hands on” learning) provides students an excellent opportunity to explore careers while gaining professional experience for full time employment and/or for continuing education. The chamber believes that internships are a win-win for everyone involved.