Development and Growth

Community Enhancement / Infrastructure / Development and Growth

Round Rock has a history of long-term thinking when it comes to growth and development. The city’s focus on looking to the future as it constructs utilities and develops planning services has paid off tremendously in supporting its explosive growth. The chamber uses the same mentality to ensure we are anticipating and delivering on the future needs of our businesses and residents.

Figuring out how to move people from point A to point B is complicated in a 250,000-person community, so developing and implementing multifaceted mobility plans is a must. As Round Rock continues along its growth trajectory and reaches its projected quarter of a million people, the chamber will play an increasingly important role in speaking for industry as the city formulates its mobility strategies.

Being located equidistance from Dallas and Houston, less than two hours from San Antonio and literally minutes from downtown Austin, Round Rock has some unique transportation advantages. To maintain them, the city constantly considers how it can relieve and prevent congestion. The chamber is in a critical position to assist city staff in developing strategies that will promote commerce.