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In the ever-changing world of manufacturing, Spectra Dynamics is thriving. This small, family-oriented company was conceived in the garage of the original owners, Mark and Jeannie Slack, over twenty years ago. Now the helm is being taken over by their daughter, Kara Regier, with the guidance of her mother, Jeannie.

Offering a true diversity of electrical and mechanical assembly and integration options, the heart of the company is providing great customer service from conception to the final product. They credit much of the longevity of their success to developing strategies to help customers improve and make their products better.  They also received help from the Small Business Administration which offers training and programs to assist small businesses. Quite often, when asked what they manufacture, the real question becomes, what does the customer need? From prototypes to sub-assembly and turn-key integration to testing, kitting, inventory management, maintenance, warehousing, and more, Spectra Dynamics provides services in many different areas. The products they create range from flight simulators to data drive erasures, complex multi-wire harnesses to mobile air monitoring stations, and hundreds of other items.

In the manufacturing field, less than thirty percent of manufacturing companies are run by women. Out of that thirty percent, less than ten percent are run by a minority woman. What makes Spectra Dynamics truly unique is despite personal setbacks, economic downturns, and increased outsourcing to other countries, they are still in business and becoming more and more diversified. Other things that set them apart is that they also pride themselves on the quality of their processes and products having gone through the rigorous process to become ISO 9001:2008 certified in 2006. Additionally as a family business, they have been able to maintain key personnel, such as Lance Regier, Ben Regier and Isabel Hamilton, almost since inception, which has given them stability and consistency for their many long-term customers. Kara shared that one advantage to being a smaller business is that they are able to move quicker on projects due to less bureaucratic interference, which is something their customers appreciate and value.

Besides creating products for several established companies, both private and public, Spectra Dynamics offers guidance during the manufacturing process for start-up customers, often finding ways to make their concept’s production more cost-efficient and streamlined. They also help customers come up with realistic timelines to get products to the market.

After moving the company from Austin back to the city of Round Rock a few years ago for personal reasons, they’ve found the assistance of the Round Rock Chamber especially helpful. They’re grateful for the guidance provided by Saridon Stanton, director of business retention and expansion for the chamber and feel that the chamber’s staff does a great job of promoting business growth and fostering networking within the city.

When asked about lessons they’ve learned over the years as their business has grown and adapted, several came to mind such as being careful about extending business credit, especially to friends and acquaintances, because quite often there can be problems getting paid in a timely manner. Also, to be persistent and patient as your business grows and reach out to the community you live in by networking, joining organizations, and finding opportunities to diversify. Finally, a visible presence in the community is key to the success of a company’s growth and today, it’s especially important to have a strong social media presence.

Both mother and daughter enjoy being able to work with family day in and day out, and also love being able to control their destiny by putting their combined energy into a company they love.

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