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Amin Salahuddin, founder and CEO of EIXSYS®, is passionate about helping others. After earning degrees in computer science, Amin moved on to doctoral studies in healthcare business administration. His dissertation focus was to analyze and find a solution for the “interoperability crisis” which refers to one hospital’s medical system not communicating with other hospitals. This often means redundant medical procedures performed on patients that add to increasing U.S. healthcare costs.

In 2009, his initial solution to this problem won the Healthcare IT Innovation Award by Thompson Reuters. After working for WebMD®, as well as advising policymakers on links between technology and preventative healthcare, Amin launched EIXSYS® (Electronic Interoperable Exchange Systems) in October of 2010. Today his business provides custom web and mobile software development and information technology consulting services in various industries in addition to healthcare.

As a business owner, especially in an innovative industry that evolves at a rapid pace, Amin has faced many challenges, including the hiring and retention of employees which limits the company’s ability to take on larger projects.

Amin would like other entrepreneurs to know that they should prepare to fail, but not to fear it, as fear is acceptance of loss before the beginning of the game. In addition, he feels that it’s important to remain balanced in regards to family, personal, and social time.