Taxation and Regulation

Community Enhancement / Entrepreneurship / Agenda for Economic Vitality: Entrepreneurship / Taxation and Regulation

Agenda for Economic Vitality taxation and regulation positions:

Employment law for small businesses

  • Support maintaining a strong right-to-work law in Texas.
  • Oppose arbitrary increases in minimum wage that cannot be supported by improvements in productivity and that deprive many entry-level workers of job opportunities.
  • Oppose the Department of Labor’s overtime final rule to update the salary and compensation levels needed for Executive, Administrative and Professional workers to be exempt.

Franchise tax

  • Support a revenue neutral repeal of the franchise tax.

Professional licensing

  • Support legislative efforts to ensure that all occupations licensed by the state are necessary for public safety and health.
  • Oppose any legislation that would further regulate the activities of a private corporation or other business entity that would require professional licenses of full-time employees.

Property tax system

  • Support a balanced state tax system that encourages the savings and investment necessary for the creation of jobs and that does not place a disproportionate share of the tax burden on business. Any revision in the business tax structure should reduce the percentage of state and local taxes paid by business or be revenue-neutral.

Regulatory policy (i.e., fees and fines)

  • Support legislative efforts to maintain a regulatory climate that does not impose hidden taxes on employers through excessive fees, fines, and unfunded mandates, but rather reduces excessive regulations to promote, rather than impede, economic growth and job creation.

R & D tax credit

  • Support the permanence of the R&D incentives to ensure the tax climate for innovation remains predictable.

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