Employment Law

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Agenda for Economic Vitality employment law positions:

Family and Medical Leave Act

  • Oppose efforts to modify the FMLA, and oppose any initiatives to require employers to pay for FMLA leave with unemployment insurance taxes.

Fraud control

  • Support legislation to allow the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) to hire outside contractors on a pay-for-performance basis to assist in efforts to detect and remedy unemployment benefits fraud.
  • Support heavy sanctions and aggressive prosecution of workers’ compensation fraud by both employers and employees.


  • Support efforts to maintain a strong right-to-work law in Texas and oppose agency shop legislation.

Wage and price controls

  • Support efforts to eliminate wage and price controls of any kind.

Union dues payroll collection

  • Oppose efforts to allow public employees, or to require private employers, to subsidize or promote labor unions or similar organizations through payroll collection of dues and contributions.

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