Taxation, Regulation, and Incentive Programs

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The Round Rock Chamber believes it is vital for businesses to operate in a responsible way that is consistent with free market principles. We therefore advocate aggressively for a fair and sensible regulatory environment for our business community.

Agenda for Economic Vitality taxation, regulation, and incentive programs positions:

Franchise tax

  • Support a revenue neutral repeal of the franchise tax.

Sales tax programs

  • Support continued use of a locally approved 1/2 cent sales tax collected by cities to fund economic development efforts.
  • Oppose efforts to reduce local control of these funds or efforts to limit the uses of these funds.

Property tax system

  • Oppose legislation that seeks to lower the current eight percent revenue cap (rollback rate).

Regulatory policy (i.e., fees and fines)

  • Support legislative efforts to maintain a regulatory climate that does not impose hidden taxes on employers through excessive fees, fines, and unfunded mandates, but rather reduces excessive regulations to promote, rather than impede, economic growth and job creation.

Professional licensing

  • Support legislative efforts to ensure that all occupations licensed by the state are necessary for public safety and health.
  • Oppose any legislation that would further regulate the activities of a private corporation or other business entity that would require professional licenses of full-time employees. Licensing should only be required where deemed appropriate and where it would affect the public at large.

Economic competitiveness

  • Continue support for the Texas Enterprise Fund, the Texas Enterprise Zone Fund and the tax incentives available under the Texas Economic Development Act under Chapter 313 of the Tax Code in order to support the cities of Texas in their ability to close deals important to the prosperity of our state.
  • Support policies committed to increasing Texas’s economic competitiveness by maintaining current non-discriminatory employment practices.

Title insurance reform

  • Oppose any legislative efforts to alter the current title insurance system.

Skills Development Fund

  • Support continued and increased appropriations for the Skills Development Fund program administered by the Texas Workforce Commission in order to support the training needs of a growing and changing workforce.
  • Support reforms that eliminate invasive reporting requirements associated with the Skills Development Fund program grant.
  • Support legislative efforts to increase access to these funds for small- and medium-sized businesses to meet their workforce training needs.

Read the Agenda for Economic Vitality  in its entirety.