Amy Mizcles

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Vice President of Community Enhancement

Amy is responsible for delivering exceptional results for four of the chamber’s eight pillars of economic generation: business climate, entrepreneurship, infrastructure, and talent development. In her role as vice president of community enhancement, she provides leadership on issues that enrich the overall business environment as well as represents us on the federal, state, regional, and local levels through coalition work, direct lobbying, and grass-roots organizing. She also oversees the execution of our Leadership Round Rock and Ascend programs.

Amy has a bachelor of arts in psychology and environmental studies from Baylor University and a master of science in social work, community, and administrative leadership from the University of Texas at Austin.

Prior to joining the chamber, Amy was executive director of Behavioral Health Advocates of Texas. Prior to that, Amy worked in the nonprofit sector where she held various positions with increasing levels of responsibility at a statewide nonprofit including director of governmental affairs, interim executive director and executive director.