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88th Legislative Session: The City of Round Rock is strong, diversified and expanding, largely due to best-in-class municipal management, community leadership, regional collaboration and execution of economic development initiatives by the Round Rock Chamber. The City of Round Rock, and Texas as a whole, consistently exhibits a strong pro-business posture and low regulatory environment. The Round Rock Chamber asks members of the 88th Texas Legislature to join us by embracing the Key Public Policy Priorities which are critical to our region’s continued growth and success.

Agenda for Economic VitalityThe chamber adopted an Agenda for Economic Vitality to outline the public policy priorities that the chamber supports to ensure that Texas, in general, and Round Rock, in particular, are optimally positioned for continued growth, business success, economic opportunity, and a high quality of life.

State and Local Sales and Use Taxes: The Round Rock Chamber opposes the Texas Comptroller’s proposed rule on State and Local Sales and Use Taxes as published in the Texas Register on January 3, 2020. The proposed rules go beyond the scope of the Wayfair decision, House Bill 1525 and House Bill 2153. The complete position statement can be found here.