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Apprenticeships: A Gateway to a Robust Regional Workforce: The issue brief identifies three recommendations designed to cultivate a more robust regional workforce that is composed of more apprenticeship opportunities. The three recommendations are to: develop a regional apprenticeship coalition; develop a series of registered apprenticeships; and develop a series of non-registered apprenticeships. The recommendations outlined in the research create a framework to address Round Rock’s workforce shortage. The issue brief can be found here.

2019 Legislative Agenda: There are many public policy issues that impact communities across the great state of Texas, as seen in the chamber’s Agenda for Economic Vitality. This legislative session however, the Round Rock Chamber asks elected officials to focus their efforts on the four priorities outlined in this brief as the outcomes of such measures will have a direct impact on the ability of communities across Texas to continue successful and deliberate economic development efforts.

Internship Toolkit: The internship toolkit was compiled to introduce businesses to the nuts and bolts of designing internship programs, and is intended to assist employers in leveraging internships to help professionally develop their future workforce. The document contains information regarding the benefits of internships, legality issues, local resources, and more. Click here to view the internship toolkit.

Small Business Guide: Building a business from the ground up is an exciting venture. But it can also be a lengthy, time-consuming process, and unfortunately, can result in a headache or two for entrepreneurs. The information in the Round Rock Chamber’s Small Business Guide is intended to make the startup process simpler so that you, as a business owner, can be more successful in your business venture. Click here to read the full guide.

The REV UP Round Rock StrategyAs the economic-generation leader for Round Rock, the chamber is uniquely positioned to understand the long-term value of a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem. REV UP Round Rock strategy is a multi-year framework for addressing Round Rock’s need for a vigorous entrepreneurial climate. REV UP Round Rock will drive the organization’s entrepreneurship efforts as a key element of its eight pillars of economic generation. The white paper can be found here.

The WROC Strategy: In coordination with a working group of education and workforce development professionals, the chamber has created a talent development plan for the Round Rock community. The WROC strategy includes a number of workforce-related recommendations that will lead the chamber’s efforts for the foreseeable future. Click here to read the white paper.

Agenda for Economic VitalityThe chamber adopted an Agenda for Economic Vitality to outline the public policy priorities that the chamber supports to ensure that Texas, in general, and Round Rock, in particular, are optimally positioned for continued growth, business success, economic opportunity, and a high quality of life.

Economic Impact Analysis: The analysis, which was performed by Impact DataSource, looked at the performance of the chamber’s work through Momentum, its five-year public-private partnership that funds its economic development efforts and evaluated its economic development project wins from 2012 to 2017. Click here to read the full analysis.

RRISD Education Progress Report: The Round Rock Chamber understands the integral part that the school system plays into the future of the Round Rock business community. The Round Rock Independent School District (RRISD) continues to expand and thrive among other districts in the Central Texas area. The Austin Chamber, in coordination with us and the RRISD, has created an annual Education Progress Report detailing the RRISD’s performance that can be used to track enrollment, demographics, graduation percentages, college readiness, and much more. To read the 2015 report, please click here.