Census Data: Round Rock Grew by 16 Percent in 5 Years

 By: Nicole Barrios / Round Rock Leader

However, the Census numbers do not correspond to the city’s estimate, which puts Round Rock’s population as of May 2016 at about 106,664. The difference leaves a gap of 9,333 residents between the city’s and Census’ numbers.The city generates monthly population estimates and future population predictions based on certificates of occupancy numbers for single-family homes and apartments once they pass inspection, said Brad Wiseman, city planning and development services director.

Census data: Round Rock grew by 16 percent in 5 years photo

“The Central Texas economy — it’s no joke — is doing quite well, and people want to be here,” Round Rock Mayor Alan McGraw said. “And when they start looking at specifically where they want to be, there’s lots of places, and Round Rock is one of them.”

McGraw said Round Rock’s growth reflects the entire Central Texas region’s fast growth rate. Census data show the population of Travis County has grown by about 15 percent, Williamson County has increased by 20 percent and Hays County’s population has developed by about 24 percent.

McGraw said the city’s focus on economic development is a major factor in the growth.

“We’re looking at bringing jobs and tax base to Round Rock. It’s not just about new residents,” he said.

City officials would like people who work in Round Rock to be able to live in the city, he said, and growing jobs and the commercial industry will help with that.

“That’s probably the best defense for the traffic woes is that people wouldn’t have to get on the interstate to drive into Austin, so that’s why we put so much emphasis on economic development,” McGraw said.

The economic development partnership the city has with the Round Rock Chamber is an integral part of the city’s economic efforts focusing on job creation, McGraw said.

Mike Odom, Round Rock Chamber president and CEO, said officials have done a good job of using a conservative incentives policy to bring in companies with high-wage and high-technical-ability jobs to the city. Companies that started in the city have also grown just as quickly as, if not faster than, new companies, he said.

“We have built a business climate environment that made it attractive for them to be able to do more — offer more of their products, offer more of their services — and I think the growth we have seen complements that significantly,” Odom said.

2015 population estimates

Community: 2015 population: Percent change since 2010:
Williamson County 508,514 20.31 percent
Cedar Park 65,945 34.75
Hutto 22,722 35.31
Jarrell 1,171 19
Leander 37,889 42.86
Round Rock 115,997 16.12
Taylor 16,702 9.94

According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau