Bass Pro Shop Opening Store in Round Rock

by: Tom Miller/ KVUE

ROUND ROCK – A building both huge in scale and potential economic impact is going up in Round Rock.

Covering 104-thousand square feet, the new Bass Pro Shop is expected to make quite a splash, not just in Round Rock, but all of Central Texas.

“I wouldn’t be sitting in the car, I would be in the bass pro shop looking at duck calls and guns,” said shopper Ryan Heimer.

The regions’ continual growth — with other retail nearby — is partly how the city lured Bass Pro here. And a tax incentive of up to $4 million, only added to the catch.

Round Rock Chamber Vice President of Economic Development Ben White said the store will compliment several other retail destinations including the Ikea furniture store and premium outlets.

“A house can be divided to where some of them go to the outlet mall and the other half can go to the bass pro shop and everybody can be happy spending a day out shopping,” said White.

The idea already seems to be there with current outlet shoppers, and those they dragged along.

“It would just be an addition to some of the shopping areas they have down here 50:08 sure would make it more appealing somewhat,” said shopper John Allard.

For Heimer, a hunter who’s waiting for his Mom to finish shopping here, this store would be a saving grace.

“That’s a guy store and none of these really are,” said Heimer

All told the new location is expected to create 125 new jobs and feature several amenities unique to this store.

In addition to the outdoorsman gear, the store will also have an aquatic themed bowling alley and restaurant – and though you won’t be able to get your hand on that perfect gift in time for the holidays, the store is expected to open in March.

Source: www.kvue.com/story/money/business/2014/11/24/bass-pro-shop-opening-store-in-round-rock/70062688/