Weekly CEO Message from Jason Ball

Last week the Chamber board announced it had adopted a position of strong support for the proposed bond package in Williamson County. You can read the full Position Statement here .

Voters will be asked on November 5th to approve a total of $447 million in bonding authority to fund important investments in transportation and community amenities. We are encouraging our voters, citizens, and neighbors in Williamson County to vote “yes” on Position A and Position B.

All of us have experience the frustration of heavy, slow traffic that occurs at peak time in the area. This is, of course, exacerbated by the regional “population boom” we are experiencing. According to the Williamson County Long-Range Transportation Plan, the Austin metropolitan area is projected to double its population between 2000 and 2030. Williamson County is projected to grow at a faster rate in the coming 15 years than the rest of the area and has been estimated to reach 900,000 residents by 2035.

Certainly, the influx of new residents presents challenges. New residents need more roads, more utilities, more public safety personnel, more services, and more amenities. Those expanding needs can place a heavy burden on our schools, cities, and civic institutions.

However – we need those people to come here. The availability of workforce with the necessary skills continues to be the top concern for business in the greater Austin area. With unemployment in August at 2.8% (source) we know workforce availability holds back our community and economic opportunities for residents.

That is what makes this investment in our county so important. We need to create a community that people want to move to, not only for a job, but for the life they can enjoy as residents. People wan to live in communities where they can travel safely, and where they can enjoy parks and community amenities with friends and family.

The Round Rock Chamber wants to encourage all voters in Williamson County to be informed and vote this November 5th, and to please give careful consideration to voting in support of these important investments.

Thank you.